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Through the Eyes of Jesus
Volume 3

The Lord continues to show Alan parts of His
life as he walked through the Holy Land.

Jesus 17 July 1997

I awoke with thoughts of Jerusalem and what awaited Me there; I knew it would not be long now. I looked at My friends around Me preparing for the day, and I felt a sadness within that soon I would have to leave them. As I looked at Judas, I wanted to cry for My dear friend whom I loved so much, and yet I knew he must betray Me for Scripture to be fulfilled. Judas turned and looked at Me smiling weakly, wondering why I would be staring at him. A tear rolled down My cheek as I saw his soul within and I knew his weakness was stronger than his love.

Peter came to Me asking, "Lord, why are You crying?"

"For a lost soul, My friend, for a lost soul," I said quietly.

Peter said, 'Oh," not understanding what I meant. He left Me to My thoughts to return a short while later with some bread and some wine mixed with water which had been warmed by the fire.

"Here, Lord, You must be hungry," he said offerring the food and drink to Me. "And You will need Your strength for the day ahead."

"Thank you, Peter, let us say a prayer together that all of us have the strength for what lies ahead," I asked thinking of Jerusalem. We started to pray and everyone joined in but the prayers this morning were very somber and mournful. When we finished and I began to eat, young James said out loud cheerfully, "Why is everyone so sad? We will soon be in Jerusalem for the Passover. What a joyful time we will have there. Think of it, my brothers, Jerusalem!" The anticipation in his eyes set fire to them and his excitement soon spread to the others, who began to discuss the Passover Festival with great joy.

Peter said to Me, "Lord, it will be good to celebrate together in Jerusalem. I enjoy it there because there are so many people praising God and celebrating together. I am looking forward to it."

"Yes, Peter, it is a holy time and this Passover will be one that echoes throughout eternity," I stated sadly. He looked at Me not knowing what I meant. "My friends," I said out loud, "This coming celebration that we will share in Jerusalem is one that I shall treasure forever. I will be with My dear brothers and I will share My love in a way never experienced before, for I will give you My body and My blood as a joining of our hearts. In Me you will become one and in Me you will share My love with the world."

They were all looking at Me a little uncertain until I said, "Come on, My friends, let us make ready and be on our way. Today is a good day for walking and it will bring us a day closer to Jerusalem." I stood up smiling at them as they still sat there looking at Me. "And the next town is not so far away, let us go and pray in the Synagogue there for a while."

Peter stood up next to Me and put his arm around Me saying, "Where You go, Lord, we go."

The other got up and began to collect their few belongings when Judas came over to Me and whispered, "Do not be sad, Lord, You will have a good time in Jerusalem, I will see to that."

I smiled at him, as I replied, "I know you will, My friend, I know you will."

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