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Holy Land Visit
Jun 9 , 2012

Dear Friends,

I once more visited the Holy Land to give talks and pray for healing. While there I stayed for a couple of nights in Bethlehem and once more was saddened by the situation there. Many of the local people despair as they see little hope for the future. The Christians continue to leave the place of Jesus’ birth as they are treated badly by their oppressors. It is sad to see so little support for our brethren in the Holy Land. It is a great sorrow that a large wall of separation has been erected and continues to be built . A wall that destroys lives, families and communities. It seems nothing has been learned from the fall of the Iron Curtain which eventually fell because of the people’s will. The walls go down in Europe and are erected in the Holy Land!

I attach photo’s of Our Blessed Mother, Mary, which has been painted on the wall by Christians from Bethlehem. Each morning a group of Christians go to this icon of the Mother of the Church and pray for the wall to come down. I ask we join them praying that the wall comes down in peace and not in hatred. However all is not bad, It was very pleasing to see so many pilgrims coming to the Holy Land from Eastern Europe and Russia. Their devotions at the holy sites was an inspiration and a reminder that no wall or no government can suppress forever the love of Jesus in people’s hearts and that the walls of division can be destroyed in the love of Christ, Our Lord and the love of His Blessed Mother, Mary.

God love you all,

Alan Ames



photos taken May 17, 2012


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