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Apr 9, 2023

Easter Every Day

Today as we celebrate the resurrection of The Lord, Jesus, from the dead, we should think of how we should and can celebrate this every day of our lives. The resurrection is not something that should be consigned to history but should be seen as the living truth in our lives. When we can do this and look to The resurrected Lord, Jesus, each day and reach out to Him in love as we see and think of Him stepping out of the tomb and into our lives, then we can find Him taking hold of our hands and our lives to raise us up beyond the world. To raise us above the evil and sin in the world, lifting us high above it as in His resurrected glory He begins to glorify us. To raise us heavenward and to take our focus from self and the world and to bring it onto God in heaven helping us to cry out our love to The Father in heaven and to be open to the Heavenly Spirit of God.

If we ask The Lord, Jesus, to help us die to self and to come to life in Him, asking and truly meaning it, He will take us into the tomb with Him and then raise us up in His divine light. Now, having died to self, we die to the fears that evil brings into the world and our lives, for as we experience being lifted into the divine light of God as a new and resurrected person, we know there is nothing evil can do to us to take us away from God, and so we find security in that knowledge. We come to understand that truly there is nothing to fear from evil, for your death and life are God’s and your death will come when God so desires. When it does come it will be followed by being raised up in the Glory of Jesus and being one in that glory, and as you are glorified in Him, that He is glorified in you and glorified in your complete trust in Him. So now one in His glory you are raised up and offered to The Father as a glorious gift of love and by the grace of the Holy Spirit, your spirit is totally absorbed into the heavenly kingdom of God where you will forever to experience and be part of the eternal glory of the Holy Trinity.

Let the day of the resurrection be lived every day in our lives so that we can truly live for God looking, hoping, and believing completely in the fact that we will be raised to heaven by The Risen Lord, Jesus, and let us not be imprisoned by the fears in the world but free in this truth.

May you all have a Holy and Blessed Easter,

Alan Ames

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