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An Interview with Alan Ames by Beatrix Zureich
June 2009


BZ: Before your conversion in 1992, your life seemed to be very successful – you had a high paying job and were the captain of the Australian National Team in Aikido (martial arts). When heaven came to you, asking you to change your life, you didn’t easily give in. Were you afraid of the change heaven wanted or were you happy with life as it was and didn’t see a need of change?

AA: At first I was uncertain as to what was happening but once I was certain it was heaven communicating with me I wanted to change. All the things of the world I had became of little value to me as I only now wanted to please God so the worldly things had no hold on me. I was not afraid of the change heaven wanted but I was unsure if I was capable of changing but the Lord told me He would give me the grace I needed to change if I truly wanted it.


BZ: Upon hearing your story, some people say, why should we listen to him? Who knows if his story is true ... There are so many visionaries and prophets today, it’s too hard to find out the authentic ones...

AA: First I say to people it is the Catholic Church and it’s teachings that people should listen to and follow. If anything I say or do goes against Church teaching they should ignore or reject it. As they should with all others regardless of what they say is happening in their lives i.e. God speaking to them, Mary, our mother speaking to them. I also say to people that if anyone does not accept the authority of the Catholic Church or say they do not need it because they are ecumenical do not listen to them. Obedience is a clear sign of what is happening in a person’s life and we should remember the prince of disobedience, the one who was first disobedient to God was Lucifer and in disobedience we follow Lucifer’s example. The Catholic Church is the Body of Christ and we must be obedient to it.

It is up to each person to decide if they believe in my words or not but I suggest they read or listen to them before they make any judgement. I only say what I know to be true (some of which has been witnessed and testified to by others) and I hope that in my experiences that maybe some others in need will find some of the help they may need.

BZ: It seems the whole world is in search of love, looking for it in many places. God is love. Why would not all find His love? Does every soul get their chance to find God?

AA: It is true all have a desire for true love deep inside, it is a God given desire that is meant to lead each person to the love of God and of each other. God gives each person opportunities throughout their life to grow in this desire of true love. Some accept these opportunities and in their lives this is seen by the good lives they lead in love of God and in love of others. Sadly, many others put the false love that is self centered and of the world first in their lives and so deny themselves the grace to find God’s love. It is in false love that a person closes their heart to true love and opens it to sin. Love of self is of course pride. While love of worldly things is only a reflection of that pride as a person seeks for themselves in this life the pleasures of the world. Through this pride the person become a denier of God and an embracer of evil. This pride brings a blindness that allows evil to grow and that effect of pride can be seen so clearly today. Now greed, gluttony, lust, selfishness, disrespect of the value of life, hatred and other sinful ways swamp the world and many people see no wrong in them, many embrace them and become part of them.

Incredibly then some of these people blame God for the problems in the world. Wondering why He does not fix them not seeing they are part of the problem and that they need to fix their lives first if they want the world’s problems to be solved.

God said to mankind from the beginning that if we live to His way of love the world will be a paradise. We do not live as God asks and so we create a world full of suffering in our rejection of God’s loving will. 


BZ: How is your relationship with the Church and what is obedience for you?

AA: I hope I have the relationship all should have with the Catholic Church; I love it. How can I not for it is the body of Christ? Within His body Christ offers me His love and the way to heaven. He offers Himself in the Eucharist, He offers me forgiveness in reconciliation and He offers me divine grace in and through all the Sacraments.

Because I love God and I love His Church, I desire to be obedient to the Catholic Church as I know God’s will is seen in it and heard from it.

To me obedience is a cornerstone of our faith and I see how important it is that all Catholics are obedient to the church if they truly want to live their faith in true love of God.


BZ: Some people have suffered terribly in life and have been hurt by others. How can we help them to come to God and trust Him?

AA: There are many who suffer some of whom turn away from God in their suffering maybe thinking, ‘If there was a God He would not let me suffer so.’  Some think God would not let others hurt them and when others do then God is rejected. These thoughts come in the times of weakness when a person may be vulnerable to the doubts that evil tries to put into their minds. If the person succumbs to these doubts then they can remain with them for a long time.

To help people overcome these thoughts and beliefs it is important we show a compassionate love that does not condemn the people for their doubts or does not try to force them back to God. We should try, through gentle understanding and encouraging love, to help them reach out to God. Explaining to them that these thoughts in themselves can cause pain in life as turmoil grows within the person. Turmoil which can turn into anger, hatred and bitterness transforming the person into someone they were not before, someone who now may cause others they love hurt through their words and actions. It is important to gently bring their focus on to the suffering of Our Lord, Jesus, if it is possible to do so, and explain how He suffered more than they did but that The Lord never blamed God or felt angry towards the Father or others. He endured in forgiving love offering all to the Father so that others may come to know His love. How through His suffering the depth and strength of His love was seen and how this can be the same with them. How through their hurt if they show love, that others will benefit and not be hurt from them doing so and the love others have for them will be strengthened and grow. It is a cheerful heart that brings joy to others and when a person is cheerful not miserable in their suffering the grace that is poured out is very powerful in the lives of those they come in contact. Also with the showing of love through their pain and hurt the love comforts the person themselves within soothing their heart as it flows through it.

Before any of this is done though it is important we first pray to the Holy Spirit for the grace to speak the right words in the right way and to truly be examples of God’s love. Examples that do not get angry if they are shouted at or abused. Examples that do not turn away when a person becomes difficult. Examples that always show a loving heart no matter what happens. Doing so is often what opens the hearts of those suffering to God as they see the love of God in you. This may take some time and it may be difficult but we should expect that and pray for the patient love to endure.


BZ: You have dedicated your life to spreading God’s love and that involves a lot of travelling. Isn’t it hard to be on planes for so many hours, to eat different foods, to risk your health or even your life?

AA: By the grace of God I am blessed to travel to many places to spread the love of God and I thank Him for permitting me to do this. Yes, it is very hard at times and I do not like travelling but without it the work would not get done. It is hard being away from home and I miss my wife very much. The foods at times do not agree with me and my health suffers because I am a diabetic and it can be hard to control it. Yes, my life has been at risk. However, should I expect it to be any different? The Lord, Jesus, suffered and as His follower I cannot expect that I will not. There are many who have suffered for the Lord so why should I be any different?  The Lord said to me from the beginning it would not be easy and, even though I did not imagine it would be as hard as it is, I accept that. The wonderful thing is that God gives me the grace and the strength I need to do His will and He fills me with joy even in the most difficult times.

It is only by God’s grace I can continue and as long as He gives me that grace I will carry on doing as He asks. I think often of what St. Teresa of Avilla said to me, ‘ In me my weakness, in God my strength.’  That helps me remember it is God’s loving strength I rely on and not myself.


BZ: Some people say, “If I had the Lord speaking to me, I would be a better person, I could ask Him what to do in life and He would save me from making mistakes.” Do you think it is easier for you to live a good life than it is for others?

AA: Maybe it is but I do not ask God what I should do in my life as I believe He will tell me anything I need to know and so there is no need to ask but a need to trust. I still make mistakes because I have my free will and sometimes in my weakness I do my will instead of God’s. However as soon as I recognise this I beg the Lord to help me do only His will and to forgive me for my mistakes. God offers all guidance to do His will in The Commandments, the life of The Lord, Jesus, and the teachings of the Catholic Church and if people, including myself, follow those then we know what to do in life and as for being a better person we all can be better by living to those.


BZ: There are people who are very desperate in their lives, and they would do anything to get the least sign of God, to hear or see or feel that they are not alone, that God is there for them. What is your advice for them?

AA: Go to the Eucharist in adoration and in the Holy Mass and allow The Lord, Jesus, to fill you with His divine presence and grace. Open your hearts in love to Our Eucharistic Lord and ask Him to let you feel a touch of His love. Doing this and focusing totally on God as you do so and persevering in doing so will bring you to experience Him in an intimate way. Once that happens never again does a person feel alone as they know God is with them loving them.


BZ: Do you encourage prayers for the poor souls, for those who passed away?

AA: Of course this is an important part of our faith. I pray for all the departed no matter who they are or what they have done hoping God will be merciful to them all. In the Holy Mass all the departed, all those who have died, are prayed for so if it is in the Sacrament of Sacraments this should be in my prayers too. Surely as a follower of Jesus a person should have the desire that all will be saved, even though this may not be so.

I discovered when I fell in love with Jesus that I also had this burning desire that all would experience mercy in Him. I want no one to suffer in Hell and I want all to be in heaven with The Lord.  I want all the sinners to find mercy in Him and salvation in Him.  It hurts me deeply to think that some will suffer eternally, that some will not see heaven and so I pray that the mercy of God will be shown. I do not understand His mercy and I know it is fathomless so my hope is in that Divine Mercy just as we pray,  ‘bring all souls to heaven especially those in most need of your mercy.’


BZ: You have the gift of healing, many healings are reported worldwide after your praying over people. Does God want to heal everyone or is healing only for a selected few?

AA: God offers all healing in His divine love but always it is up to the person to accept what God offers. Sometimes people deny healing because they are not prepared to change their lives in the way needed for the healing to occur. This change may be to stop doing or accepting sin in their lives. It may be to come to church more, to receive the sacraments more, to pray more or to focus more on heaven than on earth. Sadly some will not do what is needed for the healing to happen and so deny themselves healing.

In Holy Scripture Jesus sometimes called for an act of faith for the healing to happen. To one man He said, ‘ Pick up your bed and walk.’ In an act of faith the man did it and was healed. Jesus also said to some who were healed, ‘Go and sin no more.’ So we can see He was asking people to play their part in the healing with acts of faith and with rejection of sin. Today it is the same He calls us to play our part and when we do often this is when the healing happens.


BZ: Many in the West are attracted to Buddhism, especially after meeting the Dalai Lama.

AA: People sometimes look to eastern mysticism seeking the answers for life not realising all the answers can be found in the Catholic Church. Often the nice sounding messages of eastern beliefs are attractive because people do not look fully to what is being said or because people have problems living to Jesus’ way and look for an easier way. However, often they do not recognise that these ways are frequently self-centered ways which are about the person improving themself and bringing the focus on self and away from God. Suggesting that a person can reach higher levels until one day they reach a divine state. This in itself is a denial of God. Some say there are many gods i.e. Monkey god, Elephant god etc. Again this is a denial of the one true God and also a lowering of the value of humanity. Some say we come back reincarnated as various animals again this is a devaluing of humanity by placing it on the same level as animals. It is also a denial of the true and eternal life The Lord, Jesus, offers people in Him. In some of these beliefs there is little mention of sacrificing for others it is about self. It is important that people understand when they look to these ways they truly are looking away from and denying the truth of God, Jesus Christ.


BZ: We thank you for the interview and please include us and everyone who reads this in your prayers. God bless you.

Alan Ames Ministry

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