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A German Student interviews Alan Ames – 15th August, 2014

1. Mr. Ames, you have a turbulent past. How did you break free from your addictions and crime?

It happened when The Lord, Jesus, touched me with His love. In that first moment all my addictions fell away and since then I have had no desire for anything I was addicted to. Inside now I feel full of peace.

2. Is there anything in your "past life" that you are missing now?

No, I miss nothing only regret the way I lived.

3. What about your family, how do they deal with your extraordinary "profession"? What influence does your family have?

My wife was not a Catholic but after God touched me she saw how I changed and she was touched by God through that. She became Catholic and now helps me in my work and is my strongest supporter.

4. For about 15 years you have been visiting German speaking countries. What is the most important message you would like to impart to those attending your talks?

God loves each person. It does not matter who you are or what you have done, God loves you and in His Divine love, Jesus wants to bring everyone to full and good lives in Him.

5. How do you feel before your talks, are you nervous?

I am always nervous and always ask God to help me through it. He does.

6. Apart from your testimony, the healing prayer is one of the highlights attracting people. What is happening during that prayer?

During the prayer the people are brought to focus on Our Lord, Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament. It is from Him the healing comes and so, as the people focus on Him and I do also, hearts are opened to receive His grace. My prayers are me asking The Lord to heal the people but it is through the Sacraments and the faith of the people that God blesses many and heals them.

7. What you are doing could be called "popular mission”. Today it seems there are more and more lay people doing this. Does the future belong to the laity?

The future belongs to all the faithful... priests, religious and lay people for we are all one body in Christ. Each person is called by Christ to a mission in their life and vocation whatever that may be.

8. Mr. Ames, is there a reason why today we should believe in God? Wouldn't it be easier, a matter of freedom, to live without strict rules?

Many today live without God. And look at the world, what a mess! God does not give strict rules, they are gentle words saying, this is the way to live if you want to be happy and you want to reach heaven. God does not force anyone, He gives each person the free will to say yes or no to living the right way. Sadly today many live the wrong way and because of this society crumbles and the whole world suffers. God reaches out in love and says, this is the right way, the way of peace, love, kindness, not hurting each other, not lying, not stealing, not being immoral, not killing each other, not being jealous but forgiving one another and loving one another. I wonder why so many find it hard to do this and find it so easy to do what is wrong. Then I remember that is how I was and I remember the pain living that way brought into my life and the life of others and I pray fervently I never return to that way of life.

9. In public, the Catholic Church doesn't really have a very positive image. What's the reason for this? And why should we still stick to the Church?

Well, of course, those who oppose the Church will highlight everything that goes wrong in the Church and forget all the good that is done. So with what seems to be constant attacks on the Church, it is normal some will form bad opinions about it. So many non-Catholics expect Catholics to be perfect, and of course we are like everyone else, we all have our weaknesses and failures. It seems though, being Catholic, you are not expected to have those. Yes, the people in the Church have made mistakes at times and some have committed some terrible sins but those in the Church are part of society and the wrongs in society will enter the Church at times. It is people in the Church, what do you expect?

The Catholic Church teaches people how to live good lives but just as God does not force people to do so the Church cannot. Unfortunately people sin, me included. So many throw the first stone and forget the wrongs going on in their lives and all around them in the world. Also I think it is that the words of Christ, through the teachings of the Catholic Church, touch the conscience of those who may be doing things that are not right and because they do not want to stop what they do, an anger builds up within which is expressed in condemning, attacking or ridiculing the Catholic Church.

10. After Benedict XVI, Pope Francis was the first non-European pope and he seemed to turn things upside down in the Vatican. Do you think there will be great changes, sooner or later?

Pope Benedict XVI was a great pope followed by another great pope. Any changes that happen will be part of God's plan and will be for the good of all.

11. In several countries, Christians are no longer able to live their faith, let alone sharing it with others. If you were allowed to give but one last talk, what would it be about?

About the love of God for everyone, how His love is eternal and how God wants all people to live with Him in this eternal love. Yes, even those who persecute Christians, He wants them to repent and find eternal love in heaven. So do I.

12. After your visit to Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland, where will your next trip lead you to?

I will be going home to Australia for 3 weeks then to the USA for 3 weeks.

Thank you for the interview.


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