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Interview by Marie-Therese, April 2013


1. You have been travelling around the world for many years sharing your experiences with others. Was it easy for you, to go out, to speak about it, to travel far and wide?

I never had a desire before God came into my life to speak in front of people. So when The Lord asked me to do so I was uncertain if I could do it. However, Jesus, My Lord, told me He would give me all the words, grace and gifts I needed to do His work. I trust Him completely and so I stepped out even though I was and still am nervous about doing so. He has never let me down and has given all that is needed as He promised He would. Sadly in my weaknesses I some times let Him down.


2. Many people encounter God but they don't speak about it in public. You do so in many countries. Why?

Because God asked me to do so. He has said from the beginning that what he gives is to be shared and that I must go out and share His love with all. I love Him and so I do.


3. People all over the world experienced healings during your healing services. What are the most intense or touching experiences you had on those trips?

To see people who have not known the love of God touched by it and filled with joy and then to come and know Him in the sacraments.


4, How do you prepare for your talks?

In prayer and within the Holy Mass before the talks. It is in the Eucharist that God fills me with Himself and with all I need to do His will. Some times when I have been unwell and wondered how I would get up and speak and pray over people. Jesus, My Lord, strengthens me as He fills me with His divine presence in the Eucharist. Even though I still feel sick and weak inside I feel His power inside and it is this that sustains me and gives me the strength to continue.


5. For those who come to your healing services - what awaits them there?

The Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God awaits in love opening His heart inviting all to come and rest in His love, to be healed in His love and to be strengthened in His love.


6. Through your talks, you changed the lives of many people. How did your own life change?

I change no one God does. He changed my life from one of darkness and sin to one trying to live in the light of His love and trying to avoid all sin even the smallest sin. Sadly I fail so often as the darkness of sin through my great pride enters my life in my impatience, frustrations and bad thoughts that seem to come into my mind at times. But then in that wonderful sacrament of Confession God pours grace into my heart as He forgives me and helps me come to terms the heavy cross of my pride.


7. Do you have a "favourite prayer"?

The Eucharist.


8. When Pope Benedict announced that he would resign from his post - what was your reaction?

I was sad but realized that the Holy Spirit was guiding Him to do so and that this was God's will. Now in Pope Francis another aspect of God's love is being seen. That is the wonderful thing that God does in His Pope's he shows in each one another way of living in His love.


9. What is your impression about the Church in the German speaking countries?

Like many countries Germany has it's problems but it also has it's blessings. The wonderful Priests and Religious...the faithful flock. While there are many who turn from the church there are those who hold firm to their Catholic faith and it is through them that God will bless others and draw them back into His love. It may seem at times as if this is not happening or that this is impossible but believe me through the perseverance of the faithful God is touching hearts and souls and there will be a rich harvest. We just need to trust in God and persevere in loving Him in Catholicism the true faith and the true love of God.


10. The Church has always been under attack. Today, it looks as if the attacks would intensify. Why?

I think if we look back on history we would find many worse times than this for the church. Do not be so concerned over the attacks we should expect them and in response we should attack evil with our love of God, with tenderness, with compassion, with acts of mercy, with prayer, with the Sacraments...with our faith. A wonderful example of this is the Archbishop in Brussels, April 23, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In an astonshing display of gentleness in the face of a vile attack, the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, remained calmly seated with eyes closed in prayer Tuesday as four topless women attacked him with shouts and curses and doused him with water.

This is how we all should be!


11. Young people find it hard to stand firm while the mass media try to manipulate them. What is your advice for young ones who are searching for the true meaning in their lives?

Ask the Holy Spirit to be with them each day. It is He who will bring true meaning to life and show the true way to walk and give the strength to do so...but He needs to be invited into our lives each day.


12. In your talks you speak about the importance of confession. Why is this sacrament so much rejected in our times?

Because we all sin...it may be a surprise to some but each one of us sins. Sin is a barrier between us and God and stops God's grace filling us. So if we want to be completely open to God we need to confess our sins and have the barriers removed. Also the Holy Spirit in the sacrament brings us to look at our sins and see how we truly are. If we then accept what we are being shown and ask for the grace to be better people the Holy Spirit will give that grace. Sin also is a open doorway for evil to enter into a soul through. In the sacrament of confession God closes that door and opens a door to His grace. The reason it is rejected is that evil has massaged our pride to convince some of us sin is not sin or that we do not need God's forgiveness. For some they do not want to see how they truly are living and so look away from the truth's of life and accept the deceits of evil. Others think it is enough to just say sorry to God privately and personally in prayer without confessing...this is again evil working on pride to encourage people not to go and receive the grace offered through the priest in confession. This is people rejecting the grace The Lord, Jesus, gave through the apostles. Just what evil wants. Also it is less embarrassing because they do not have to admit to some one else how weak they are. An embarrassment that come from pride. There is a long list of excuses that people use but no valid reasons.


13. How important is our relationship to the saints - next to our relationship with God?

The Saints show us that even with our human weaknesses if we do our best we can, by the grace of God, be holy. They set us an example to follow and show us many different ways we can live as The Lord, Jesus, calls us to.


14. Your most popular book is "Through the Eyes of Jesus". Why are people so fascinated about it - people all over the world, from all walks of life?

It is because of the love that The Lord. Jesus. exposes in this book...His love for all people. Also in the Apostles we see the weaknesses we have but how they ( except one) overcame them in Christ and how we can too. Another wonderful grace is that The Lord shows His humanity and how he shares in our feelings. I cannot thank God enough for this book it is so beautiful and it has by His grace changed many lives.


15. How do you write your books?

Usually by hand at the moment they are given to me. That way there can be no alterations so that when my spiritual director sees them he knows they are unchanged.


16. Finally, in this "Year of Faith", what do you think is the main call for us Catholics?

To go out and share the love of God. So many people do not know of His love and all should. It is in sharing His love in gentle, tender, compassionate ways that we can bring others to know and love Him and to find full lives in Him.

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