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Interview of Father René Laurentin
Evry, 4th of May 2007


Alan Ames extends the Message of Love to the whole world

Alan Ames, 54 years old, violent during his youth. He gets married very young to Kathryn at the age of 20 and have 2 children. He quietens down his life. He migrates to Australia where he becomes a talented sales manager. There he becomes more and more addicted to alcohol and drugs. This restarts his violence.

At the age of 40 an angel warns him:

-         Change your life, pray.

During the first months of his conversion he is physically and morally attacked by the evil one.

At the beginning he asks himself if he is going mad but St. Theresa of

Avila confirms to him what is happening and says:

-         You are going to hell unless you change!

He changes his life, his wife converts to Catholicism.

He receives messages from the 3 Persons, the Trinity, Our Blessed Mother and the saints. He published 16 books. He is supported by his archbishop from Perth. He travels all around the world where his conferences gather big audiences. He has the charisma of conversion and healing. He lives painfully the Passion of our Lord, more often without visible stigmata but blood is shed rarely.

RL.      You live in Perth, Australia, how did you spiritual charisma began?

AA.     I was born in England, in a catholic family but I never went to church and at school I was the worst student and I got expelled from the Jesuit school because I was so bad. I was uneducated and it was just later in life when I migrated to Australia I begun to educate myself and there I got a good job as a sales manager in a pharmaceutical company. I worked for that company for more than 10 years, before God came into my life. I’m married, I have 2 children, a daughter of 32 and a son of 29 and I have lived in Australia for nearly 30 years now.

RL.      Are they both established in Australia?

AA.     Yes, they both live in Australia.

RL.      When was your first locution or apparition? When and how did you   perceive that?

AA.     The first was in 1993, there had been some before but I didn’t recognize what they were. But in 1993 I was traveling for work and I was in a city called Adelaide in South Australia and I just arrived, got off of the aeroplane and gone to the hotel. When I was watching the news on the television and as I watched the news all in a sudden in front of me appeared an horrific looking man, a terrible looking man who begun to strangle me and I thought I was going to die and there was nothing I could do to stop it, my hands went through him, I couldn’t do anything. Then a voice in my head said:

-           Pray the Our Father!

            Which I would have never thought of because I never prayed but in desperation I prayed the Our Father. When I prayed the Our Father the strangling stopped when I stopped praying, the strangling started again. So again I prayed the Our Father and it stopped. This went on all night. That was my first experience, I was terrified. The next day the voice in my head said to me it was an angel that God had sent to me to help me through these difficult times. After that the angel was speaking to me for may be one or two months and encouraging me to pray.

RL.      Was it an interior voice or external ear?

AA.     At that time it was interior.

RL.      You couldn’t hear it.

AA.     That began later, first it was inside.

RL.      Were you surprised of both: the horrible man and the interior voice?

AA.     I thought I was going crazy, I thought I was mad and I was terrified.

RL.      By hearing the good voice were you more in peace, more profound peace.

AA.     The voice of the angel brought peace and encouragement and then as the angel continued to speak to me I felt an unusual feeling which was a feeling of love that I had never known before.

RL.      Did this first experience change your life? How did it change?

AA.     Not at all, except that I began to pray the Our Father but I didn’t go to church. These experiences continued with the angel and also with the evil one.

RL.      Was it daily or weekly or monthly?

AA.     Every day, the angel would speak to me: encouraging me to change my life, to think of God, to stop living a bad life.

RL.      Did it also change your relationships with other people?           

AA.     Not in the beginning because in the beginning I didn’t change. I still was a bad person.

RL.      You said you were in these times a hard man and didn’t immediately change, convert.     

AA.     When I began to change it was 2 or 3 months later. The angel said:

-                     You are not changing! So I am leaving you.

       The angel left and then Saint Teresa of Avila came and began to speak to me.

RL.      The second interior voice was not an apparition?

AA.     When Saint Teresa came at first it was a voice, then it was apparitions. Again, when she came, I was traveling for work and again in the same city Adelaide where I had this bad experience.

RL.      Did you see her in Carmelite habit?

AA.     What happened is that I was in the hotel room and St. Teresa appeared to me and she said:

-                     Pray, pray the rosary!

            So she asked me to go and get a rosary, I didn’t have a rosary beads. It was maybe 9.30 at night time and I said:

-                     Where can I get a rosary beads at this time of night?

            She said:

-                     There is a shop around the corner that’s opened that sells rosary beads.      

       I said:

-                     At 9.30 at night, that’s impossible!

She said:

-                     You go there!

I went thinking: it’s impossible. But I got there and there was a religious shop that was open. They were doing stocktaking and I went inside and she said:

-                     Get that rosary!

It was a brown one which was the color of her habit I saw her in, the same color. With that rosary beads I went back to the hotel room and she said:

-                     Pray the rosary and pray 15 decades!

            Which is 3 rosaries.

RL.      How was she? Tall, little, big? Can you describe her briefly?

AA.     Her was face hawkish, stern face. Like a school teacher, that’s very strict. I didn’t want to pray and so she said:

-                     You must pray and you must pray the rosary, because you risk losing your soul!

            She said that it’s the rosary that would lead me closer to God. That in every prayer in the rosary, if I thought of God it would be a step closer to God. So I had a big argument with St. Teresa because I didn’t want to pray, I didn’t like prayers. She won the argument. With her help I began to pray. I didn’t know how to pray the rosary.

RL.      Can you give me your date of birth? You were born as an English citizen and now you are Australian?

AA.     I was born the 9th of November 1953. I have three English, Australian and Irish citizenship.

RL.      Which are your links with Ireland?

AA.     My mother is Irish.

RL.      So you have 3 passports?

AA.     I have 2 but I can have 3. But I call myself a citizen of the world.

RL.      A citizen of the world, not of little Europe. Which were your steps after Teresa?

AA.     The first thing of course was  prayer which helped me to focus on God and   to look to God and begin to call out within my heart for God’s love even if I didn’t understand what was happening. Saint Teresa and other Saints now who began to speak to me: St. Stephen, St. Andrew, St. Mathew were the first 3 other saints. They began to encourage me to read Holy Scripture and to study the life of Jesus. Which I started to do. Then later with the saints and with our Blessed Mother Mary who began appearing and speaking to me.

RL.      After St. Stephen, St. Andrew and St. Mathew the Virgin Mary appeared?

AA.     There were more saints.

RL.      More than 50?

AA.     More than 100 now.

RL.      The Virgin Mary came before, between the 10 or 20 first?

AA.     What happened, St. Teresa and then the 3 saints I mentioned who began to encourage me to pray and read the Holy Scripture and to start going into church. Then our Blessed Mother Mary appeared and with the saints she encouraged me to go to the mass more and more and to receive the Eucharist. Because it was explained that in the Eucharist I would find God and I would find the fullness of life and the fullness of my faith.

RL.      Did you see her or did you only hear her?

AA.     The first experience I had with our Blessed Mother Mary was when I had gone back to England for a holiday. I went to a church called St. Edmund’s where I used to go as a child but I got caught stealing in that church by the police and I never went back to that church again until I was preparing for marriage. But then when I went back for a holiday, the saints encouraged me to go the church and so I did and unusually for me I went to mass. Afterwards I was in front of the Sacred Heart statue praying and it began to shine white and there before me was our Blessed Mother Mary. I was very confused because I could see her heart and it had some white roses around it. At first I thought it was the heart of the Sacred Heart statue but it was a little bit different. Now I had never heard about the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I had never known what It was. It was only the next day when I saw     a prayer card I realized had seen the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I realized also what a great blessing it was because I saw the two Hearts, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart as One. That truly was a blessing. So the statue changed and it became our Blessed Mother and she was alive, physically before me and Her first words to me were:

-                     Pray, pray, pray.

       And so in my logic that meant increasing my prayer by three times so I began to say 45 decades of the rosary every day, which was difficult. So our Lady said to me she was my mother, that she is everyone’s mother and she loves every person as a mother loves her children. That she is there wanting to lead every person closer to God, deeper into the Heart of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. She said that’s the wonderful grace that God gives to her to bring people closer to Him. That she is reaching out to take my hand and everyone else’s hand to lead us to God.

RL.      When you saw the Virgin Mary, did you see the statue transfigured or the Virgin Mary herself?

AA.      The statue changed and became the Virgin herself which moved.



RL.      Can you describe her?

AA.     She was in white, shining white.

RL.      Was the light around her or did the light come from her?

AA.     Both.  Blue eyes and black hair, and so beautiful. So much love in her smile. How can I describe her, it’s so difficult to describe Her. She may have my wife’s height which is about 5 feet 6 inches.

RL.      How many times did you see the Virgin Mary? Rarely, ten times or more?

AA.     Many, many times.

RL.      Perhaps hundreds of times.

AA.     Yes but not only I, other people who have been with me have seen our Lady or our Lord also.

RL.      By these apparitions and locutions did the Virgin Mary play a special role in your Christian education and formation?

AA.     Yes, and she still is. I’m still learning and still being converted every day.

RL.      More than the other saints, more motherly?

AA.     Much more. She helped me to understand the love of God more, to    understand the sacraments more and with Her encouragement I was drawn into the sacraments.

RL.      Is this the main apparition you have with those you have spoken to now?

AA.     In the beginning but the main apparition now is Jesus, our Lord.

RL.      Jesus appeared afterwards. Can you tell when and how Jesus appeared and spoke to you?

AA.     I think it was in 1994. Our Blessed Mother Mary said to me one day:

-                     My Son is coming to you.

       And there before me was Jesus telling me He loved me and He wanted to forgive me. Now it was the greatest day in my life, up to that time but it was also the most difficult day because I saw Jesus on the Cross suffering and dying and I saw how all my sins had contributed to that, had caused that. How every time I’ve hurt someone I was hurting Jesus as He suffered and died. Any time I told a lie, I was lying about Jesus as He suffered and died. Every time I gossiped about people, I was below the Cross with all those gossiping about Jesus as He suffered and died.  I saw every sin that I did was hurting Jesus and I saw Him hanging on the Cross and just loving me and calling out He wanted to forgive me no matter how much I hurt Him. I felt so ashamed, so embarrassed, I didn’t want to live anymore. I fell to the ground, I was crying, I was sobbing like a baby, seeing the love of Jesus and how gentle, how wonderful He is and just seeing how I had hurt him. I begged Him to let me die, to send me to hell because I didn’t feel that I should exist anymore. I just didn’t want to live. But Jesus kept calling out that He loved me and He wanted to forgive me. For five hours I was crying and crying asking God to let me die. Eventually with His grace I built up the courage to ask to be forgiven. I asked Jesus to forgive me and He said He did. At that moment it was like a weight being lifted from me. I felt so different within. I felt His love touching me inside in such a wonderful way and I never wanted to lose that again. I felt refreshed, renewed a different person and in that moment I knew that I loved Jesus and I knew I could never hurt Him again purposely, even now I do because I sin every day unfortunately. I just knew I never wanted to leave Him or be away from Him again. It was at that moment that I totally committed my life to God.

RL.      You said that the Virgin Mary was more motherly, superior, greater than the other saints. Which are the differences between Mary and Christ.

AA.     The love of our Blessed Mother is a motherly love, that is very deep, very strong, so pure. The love of God is way beyond that. It seems to be thousands of levels higher. It’s so intense, it’s overwhelming. He embraces every cell in your being and when that love touches you and His presence touches you in that way it draws you into in His love and makes you One in His love. As you are absorbed into God, into Jesus you become part of His love, you become integrated into Him in the Eucharist. It’s so hard to explain the difference because in the love of God you experience complete ecstasy, complete joy, complete happiness. Where in the Love of Mary you experience this wonderful love, this wonderful peace and happiness but it’s not the total love, the total fullness of life of happiness that you experience in God.

RL.      Christ is transcendent, divine.

AA.     I just wanted to share what our Blessed Mother and Jesus Himself explained about our Blessed Mother Mary. Our Lady said once to me that today many people are confused with the role of Mary. That many people, especially, our protestant brothers and sisters think that we go to Mary and worship her and adore her as we do with God, which is not the case. Our Blessed Mother said from the beginning that she is only here to lead people closer to God. That when we come to our Blessed Mother we join with her in prayer, in worship, in adoration of God and it’s the same as being with your mother on earth, united with her praying together and loving and worshiping God. So, Mary, our Blessed Mother is there to draw us closer to God and she has always told me that She tries to get our focus to the Father, to the Son and the Holy Spirit, always leading us to look to God, to come closer to God not to come closer to her. But Jesus reminds me that Mary is the most special human being of all. The fact that she was His mother lifts her above any human that ever was or ever will be created. She had to be pure because God who is pure love could not come to earth through a vessel that had the slightest sin on it, because then God Himself would have had sin on Him.          So God in His mercy created Mary pure and with her fiat, with Her Yes She remained that way: Immaculate. So Mary is the most special human of all: the Immaculate One, but God is beyond that He is the Divine One and Mary, our mother always reminds me of that. However, God always reminds me that we should treat His mother with respect that she deserves and not to turn away from her but to embrace her, because in her embrace she draws us into the Heart of God.

RL.      When you have these communications with Mary or Jesus, do you always see them or is it more locutions without apparitions?

AA.     Normally 75% of the time would be locutions and 25% would be visions.

RL.      How do you see them?

AA.     In many different ways. Sometimes I see them physically, as I see you. Sometimes it’s like watching a movie screen. When there is no vision you can feel the presence. But the way I see them is physically, or statues come to life, in the Eucharist I see the face of Jesus very often. I see them in many, many places and in many different ways. But the feeling in the heart is always the same. When I have the locutions I feel wonderful inside, I feel the presence and the love of God. When I have the visions I also feel the presence and the love of God, that’s always there, that wonderful feeling is actually with me every moment of the day.

RL.      This presence remains a vision which identifies us with Jesus and our Lady     in the communion of saints. Are you feeling this?

AA.     That’s so true but what I find in a different way is that through the Eucharist, as our Blessed Mother encouraged me to be Eucharistic and to go to the mass every day and uniting with Jesus in the Eucharist, every day, that presence of His love, the presence of Him resides inside of me every moment. I know also that in union with Jesus in the Eucharist, I am allowed to reside inside of Him through this wonderful union of God and man that everyone in the Eucharist receives. But it seems in me, when I receive the Eucharist every day I am just filled with a joy that lasts all day inside of me even in the most difficult and hardest moments , still inside of me there is a peace, a joy, a happiness and this is all from the Eucharist.

RL.      For you is the Eucharist is more than an apparition?

AA.     Of course, the Eucharist is everything. The Eucharist for me is life. If God said to me that I had the choice between the visions or the Eucharist, it’s the Eucharist.

RL.      The union is more than a vision.

AA.     Yes, but sadly today many people, don’t know this or have forgotten this. Mystical experiences and visions are wonderful but what is far greater than all of that, and is there for every person, is Jesus in the Eucharist. God giving Himself to man and welcoming man into Him. It’s the most wonderful thing, the greatest gift. But sadly so many people have forgotten this.

RL.      This essential union remains even when you are in the night of faith?

AA.     The desert, maybe in a different way to other people. In my night of faith or the dark times or whatever it is when the evil one attacks me, that presence even in the terrifying moments, that presence of God is always there and the strength of His love in the Eucharist carries me through anything .

RL.      You live in great union with God, but there are moments or lights where you feel the presence, have you also moments of night where you feel nothing?

AA.     No.

RL.      Because this happens frequently, the night can be very profound. Don’t you suffer from ordeals and temptations of evil. In these moments what do you feel, don’t you feel that God is far away when you are attacked by the evil one?

AA.     When these attacks occur, I see them as a blessing because when they happen I turn to God, I ask for his help and give myself totally to Him and trust completely in Him. The evil one is stupid because every time he attacks me it turns more to God. There have been several times when I thought I would die. Once I was in Rome, I was in convent near St. Peter's. I thought I would be safe there, I was asleep and I was woken up in the middle of the night being strangled. I thought I was going to die, my back was arching, I could feel the veins in my neck were about to burst, I thought I would take my last breath: I am going to die, so I said:

-                     Jesus if this is Your will, I accept it and I give You my soul.

From the moment I said that, the attack stopped. And it’s always the same. So it’s why I say that the attacks turn me more to God even though at the beginning sometimes I am terrified because some of them are horrible, always it turns me to God and it’s a great blessing.

RL.      Physical attacks! but do you also have sometimes interior attacks like: doubts, desperation?

AA.     Yes, always, I have these attacks every day, in different ways. The evil one always works on your mind: to make you doubt, to make you despair, to make you not trust in and always he tries to do that to me. I am never doubting God's for me, I never doubt in Jesus, at times I doubt in myself because I am so weak, I am stupid because I sin every day, I have bad thoughts about people, I might say something stupid, do something stupid I shouldn't do and when I do that I despair in myself not in God:

-            How stupid am I to be tricked by the evil one to do these things!

I wonder how God can be so patient with someone like me with my bad thoughts and actions. But I never doubt in God, I never doubt in God, I never doubt in His love. No matter what the evil one does if I just cling to Jesus everything will be all right.

RL.      You keep always the peace of profoundness.

AA.     There is always the peace of God's love. That's the wonderful thing and that leads me beyond the turmoil of the world and myself. Sometimes I do get distracted but very quickly God brings my focus back on to Him and on to Heaven.

RL.      Did you receive a mission or messages to give the world?

AA.     When Jesus first came to me, I commited myself totally to Him when he forgave me and I fell in love with Him. He said to me that he wanted me to do His work and he said:

-                      it’s going to be difficult, it’s never going to be easy until the day you die it will be diffucult, but don’t give up!

The mission was to go out and to tell everyone that God loves them that God doesn’t want to condemn or to punish people, He wants to love people and bring them to his eternal love in heaven. it’s the same message God has always given us: that if we live in a good way, eternal life with Him is ours. The message is to find that way of living, to find the true way of living we have to live as Jesus lived. to imitate Him in obedience by being completely obedient to the Catholic church and by living in Him in the sacraments. to go out to tell everyone there is nothing to be afraid of in God or in His church and to encourage and invite people to love God, to love the church and to tell them that in loving God in that way it will bring graces into their lives in abundance, to bring them to a full and happy life. So the message is that God loves everyone, that He wants to forgive everyone. He only wants everyone to love Him and to seek His forgiveness.

RL.      Do you also receive messages from God father and the Holy Spirit?

AA.     yes, I have.

RL.      with apparition or without apparition?

AA.     both.

RL.      in which appearance do you see the Father and the Holy Spirit?

AA.     The Holy Spirit I see Him as a dove or flames sometimes feeling Him as wind. My ex-boss of the pharmaceutical company that I used to work for, he wasn't Christian, he had no faith. He was sick he came to one of my talks and when I prayed over him he felt this wind brushing over him, he was filled with ecstasy, filled with the Holy Spirit. He became a strong Catholic now he is studying theology and he has changed his whole life. When I see the Holy Spirit it's a dove, flames or wind it's always wonderful ecstasy, wonderful joy and so much peace. The Holy Spirit says the same things as Jesus, that He loves everyone, that He has graces and gifts for every one and He wants everyone to use those graces and gifts so that they can live a good, a happy, a full life as they are meant to and help the world be a better place.

       God the father truly is our father; He loves us as a father. We are his children and He wants every one of us to be with Him. He's very sad when people turn away from Him, ignore Him and commit terrible sins but He doesn't stop loving anyone, He always loves us no matter who the person is or what they have done, He loves them, calls them His child. I've seen Him a couple of times and I always say He looks like an American singer: Kenny Rogers, white beard and hair, that's the closest I could describe Him but he looks much, much greater than that, transcendent, without comparison.

RL.      Do you feel the messages of the Father more powerful and those of the Holy Spirit more intimate?

AA.     The message of the Holy Spirit is actually very powerful, it's like a fire burning inside of you, I feel innermost the divine grace he personalizes for every one. When He is touching me, it's not for myself it's for everyone: for the church. Everything God gives it's not for me, it's for others.

RL.      Does the Holy Spirit enlighten you one the future of the church and of the world?

AA.     I receive messages about the church: she will come back much stronger. We are going through a difficult time at the moment but the spring of the church John-Paul II spoke about is happening. many people are coming back to church, I experience this every day.

RL.      The return of Christ: is the parousia close or far?

AA.     When is Jesus is coming back? well of course, He is here all the time in the eucharist which is wonderful. The Lord told me not to worry about the future, He says live your faith today The future will take care of itself because He will look after you. Just live for Him every moment and every day.

RL.      You are not worried about the future?

AA.     Too many people focus on the end times. The Lord told me:

-                     don’t worry about the future, it’s in my hands.

He’s defeated evil, all we have to do is accept that defeat and not worry about the future. One of the big risks today is that many people are looking ahead and are worried about the end of the world and many people are focused on self because of this : they think maybe they need to store food or store money and evil works to make people self-centred instead of God-centred.

RL.      Which is your wish or prayer for the future?

AA.     My prayer is that every person on earth comes to know Jesus and comes to love Him, proclaim His love, His faith and is not afraid to do so. Too many catholics are silent, they don’t evangelize that’s why the world is in such a bad condition.

RL.      What do you think about ...................: he’s ................. and laïque as you are?

AA.     I don’t have any contacts with other visonaries, I just focus on what God is giving me.  All Iread is holy scripture and sometimes a newspaper. I never comment on others.

RL.      have you a particular message for France?

AA.     The people off France need to stand up and live as Christ called them to live, to live his way. For as they live His way and persevere in doing so then the Holy Spirit will pour out the graces through them to change the country of France, to change the world for the better.

RL.      which is the contacts with your bishop?

AA.     My diocese is the Archdiocese of Perth and the archbishop is Archbishop Barry Hickey. He’s been supporting me from the beginning, from 1994. He appointed a spiritual director who checks all my writings and supervises everything i do. I see Archbishop Hickey frequentely.



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