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August Holy Land visit
Aug 29, 2005

Dear Friends,

In August I was once again blessed to speak in the Holy Land. By the grace of God talks and healing prayers were given in The Basilica of the Annunciation Nazareth, The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and Churches in Jerusalem and Ramallah. I thank God for the oppurtunity to talk to our brothers and sisters there who are suffering for their faith as they are oppressed by those who control their country and are so often ignored by their fellow Christians in other countries. Sadly because of this some towns which were 90% Christian now only have Christian populations of 30% or less. Let us all pray that those who remain have the strength of spirit to stay otherwise we risk having a Holy Land with virtually no Christians residing in it! The talks were attended by not only Christians of different denominations but by Muslims also looking for healing and comfort. My wife Kathryn travelled with me and we were both warmly welcomed by the people of the Holy Land and were under no fear of attack at any time and this is why I can recommend to all Christians to have no fear in visiting the Holy Land. I actually encourage all to do this so as to support our Christian family there who are in desperate need of help both spiritualy and financially. It is through the pilgrims who visit that many find their source of income and find the means to survive. I thank God once again for allowing me to visit the Holy sites and for strengthening me at each of those sites and I thank Him for the great love He showed for all by the life, death and resurrection of His only Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Importantly those who wish to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land should contact their diocese and see if there are any church sponsored or approved pilgrimages they can go on and NOT go on tours with private organisations or foundations.

God love you,



where the Lord was born


Kathryn and I at site of The Lord's birth in Bethlehem


placing my hand in the hand print of Jesus


praying over in Ramallah


talking in Ramallah


praying over in Bethlehem


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