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Supernatural Lights

On 13th November 2011 Alan Ames was giving a talk and praying over people at The Lourdes Grotto San Antonio, Texas. As he did these supernatural lights were caught on camera. Notice the cross in the red lights. These are not tricks of light or camera as on one Alan has there is a shadow from an image. Each photo also had maybe 2 or3 photo's taken in between which had no image yet taken from same spot. Even though taken from same position lights move across the grotto.

view Television interview by KENS5 in San Antonio


In the first photo below, inside the grotto near roof you will see a red light next to that is a small white image. When you enlarge that it is the same image as the bigger one on the next photo. Just below white image on rock wall is the shadow which proves that it is not a trick of the camera.



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