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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is some time since the last newsletter and a great amount has happened in that time. Alan has continued to visit many countries proclaiming God’s love for all and proclaiming the truth of Catholicism.

Recently he spoke in the Holy Land by the Grace of God and by invitation and with permission of the Catholic Church. Alan was blessed to speak at two of the holiest sites in Christendom; the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth and the Church of the Nativity, St. Catherines in Bethlehem. He was also blessed to speak at St. Saviour in Jerusalem.

During his time there Alan saw clearly the despair and suffering of the Christians in the Holy Land who feel deserted and ignored by their Christian family in the west . Many are living in poverty and struggle to survive and because of this the number of Christians in Nazareth and Bethlehem has fallen from approximately 70% of the population to 30% as many have left for other countries. The church is doing what it can to encourage Christians to stay but needs help in this. The Catholic Church in the Holy Land asked Alan to encourage Catholics in the west to come on pilgrimage as in doing so this helps and strengthens the local Christian population. Of course this helps financially too, as when Holy items are bought in Nazareth, Bethlehem and in Jerusalem at Christian sites it supports employment for Christian families. Alan strongly encourages all Christians to visit the Holy Land, believing there is nothing to fear in doing so, as God will take care of His children. That all who can should make the effort and sacrifice to go to where Our Lord Jesus walked the earth and give their support to the suffering church there in it’s time of need.

Alan was also blessed in 2002 to speak with approval to speak at World Youth Day in Toronto where he gave three talks on ‘ Living the Faith’ and ‘ Reconciliation’ and prayed for healing. WYD is a Papal event that attracts many young people; in Toronto it was estimated approximately 1,000,000 people attended the Papal Mass.

Two new books are available and they are ‘Brought to Life’ which is a compilation of several inspiring talks given by Alan around the world. It also includes some details of his life before and after his conversion experience. If ever you have heard Alan speak you will know this is a must, as it contains many deep but simple explanations on the spiritual and worldly life.

What is Truth’ is a handbook to defend the faith with and with which people can come to know the Catholic faith better. It is given by the Holy Spirit and covers many controversial subjects such as married priests, women priests, homosexuality, I.V.F., contraception, divorce .

Also it faces squarely the Protestant misunderstandings and challenges (ie Faith Alone) to Catholicism and answers them with many Holy Scripture references and explanations that confirm God’s truth.

A new ‘Eucharistic Rosary’ containing the Luminous Mysteries visions given by Our Lord to Alan has been printed with new artwork for all the mysteries.

‘Through the Eyes of Jesus’ under the title ‘Jesus Speaks to Me’ (which is used in some countries) has received the imprimatur.

Many wonderful healings continue to occur and we put some on the website for all to see. Alan asks that everyone prays for the healings to continue by the Grace of God, as your prayers are as important as his, because God listens to you as He listens to Alan.

Please keep Alan in your prayers that he will keep doing only God’s will and we ask also that you pray for the conversion of Jews and Muslims to Catholicism.

May God bless each one of you abundantly.

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C.Alan Ames

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