Ministerio Internacional de Alan Ames

2015 Belguim, Germany and Switzerland

2015 Alan in Belguim - Brussels

Alan and Antique Crucifix

2015 praying in Germany - Dipperz near Fulda

2015 Alan's talk in Switzerland - Beinwil near Luzern


Photograph taken while Alan spoke at a church in Melbourne Australia March 2012
There was not a church light on the Crucifix









Holy Land:

Holy Sepulchre Tomb of Jerusalem

Placing my hand in the hand print of Jesus in Holy Land

Lord was born:

Ramallah, West Bank:


Poland 2015:


Photos of Crucifix showing Jesus's Face and Blood

During a visit to Mexico the Crucifix which Alan uses in his healing sessions commenced to bleed from the crown of thorns around Jesus' head. A closeup of the same Crucifix is shown below.

The Holy Face of Jesus
This first photograph shows an impression of a face formed on the rear upright of the crucifix in the
oil which oozes from the cross when Alan prays. The oil phenomenon increased after a talk in Yonkers, New York,
and after a visit to see some weeping statues.

Madagascar 2007:



Photo taken at St. Polycarp's in Delaware March 10, 21013
The photo below shows a bright light in Alan's hand during a healing service.


Texas, USA:

Fort Worth 2015

San Antonio:

Bishop Yanta and Bishop Flanagen hearing confessions in San Antonio Lourdes Grotto

Supernatural Lights
On 13th November 2011 Alan Ames was giving a talk and praying over people at The Lourdes Grotto San Antonio, Texas.
As he did these supernatural lights were caught on camera. Notice the cross in the red lights.
These are not tricks of light or camera as on one Alan has there is a shadow from an image. Each photo also had
maybe 2 or3 photo's taken in between which had no image yet taken from same spot. Even though taken from same position lights move across the grotto

Photos of the Doves of Trinity Sunday in San Antonio 2001

Houston, TX:

Louisiana, USA :

New York:

California, USA:







Butterfly in line for a prayer?

Fr Laurentin, a Mariologist, with Alan and his wife, Kathy


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